Hello and welcome to my corner of Georgia at Red Roof Farm. My blog is about the things that make me the most happy...family, home, church, collecting primitive antiques, junk ( I mean treasure) hunting, decorating, getting my hands dirty outside, an assortment of crafts and making stuff. Whew!!! As if I need more to do with a full time job of teaching. I grew up on an 85 acre farm where we raised cows, hay and an occasional ruckus. Now, we raise horses, flowers, vegetables and kids. I hope to someday make a living from home, but I can't quit my day job just yet. Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain and the hummingbird vine

We finally had some rain Sunday and again yesterday here in North Georgia. It's amazing how a little bit of moisture will make the blooms suddenly appear. This is a picture of a hummingbird vine or cypress vine as it is commonly called that has been rambling on my porch steps and across the rails all summer. It has not bloomed very well until Monday. I don't put out hummingbird feeders (I forget to fill them up and really have no time). I would rather rely on plants to bring the hummers in. Be careful though, it can certainly take over a small area but what a show it can put on!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Four legged family members

I thought I would share pictures of a couple of our four legged family members. It took me several minutes to get Tucker to lay still and Lizzie didn't want her picture made at all. You can tell she is not happy about the whole prospect of being in a picture with Tucker. My 18 month old thinks the dog's name is "Bad Dog" instead of Tucker. Speaking of 18 month olds, while I was trying to get a picture of the dogs.....he was playing in the toilet!! Wonderful!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today is my husband's birthday and now we are "officially" the same age. I am exactly one month to the day older than he is and you would think it was 10 years the way he describes it. Happy Birthday to my husband of 23 years.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall decorating

Here it is Sept. 19 and it will be in the low 90's here in Georgia with not a rain drop in sight. Never mind....I love fall and enjoy the color change on the mountain. I look forward to it every year. I have also enjoyed changing the look of the house with the seasons. I have to say however, decorating over the past two years has been difficult with being pregnant at my age and now having a boy that is a constant whirlwind. I swear he never slows down. But that's okay...he sure is fun. Anyway, I found this little cabinet at the World's Longest Yard Sale back in August. It was dug out of a barn in New Salem and when I opened the drawer to see if it in fact opened....there was a nest of dead mice. Lovely! I told the man I would take it if he got rid of the mice. He did and I brought it home. Its been sitting in the basement since August and today we took it to the front porch and I fixed it up. I have been saving my okra pods for just the right spot and now they are in the cast iron pot. The wire horse muzzle on the door is filled with little white pumpkins and the bird houses I have had for years. Can't wait to work on the rest of the house!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Visitor of the four legged sort

Back a month or so ago, there was quite a commotion going on in our pasture courtesy of this little guy. We affectionately named him "Trouble" and he came from down the road. No...he doesn't belong to us, he came to visit Peaches and Shelby and decided to stay awhile. We had to call him something and "Trouble" seemed to fit him well. Peaches and Shelby certainly did not appreciate his affections. As it turns out, Trouble is a miniature mule and a "stallion" miniature mule. After a week or two, we finally caught him in a stall and shut the door on him. To be such a little guy, he sure is strong. It took both my husband and myself to get a rope on him in order to take him home. He did not want to leave his new found girlfriends and did not go home easily. We found that in order to move an unwilling mule (even a little one), you have to walk them backwards. Yes, we backed that ornery little thing all the way down the road to his home. I almost say "Good riddance", but he sure is cute!!!!

Fall Gathering

What a beautiful sunny day for a fall gathering. I just returned from Becky Howard's house/farm/business. She owns Pigeon Creek Cabin in Lafayette Georgia. Her business is housed in a pre 1810 log cabin filled with early primitives and handmade items. She also has a Dry Goods Store located in her daughter's former playhouse. I spent almost 2 hours there taking in the beautiful scenery and of course buying stuff!!!