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Monday, July 26, 2010

Those pesky deer

Deer are lovely creatures and I like to see them from time to time, but not in MY garden!!! Last week as I was picking the tomatoes to can, I noticed several of MY sunflowers were missing their heads. I don't mean something was chewing on them. I mean they were completely gone.

Surely those squash bugs wouldn't do that. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out it was deer coming in at night to eat MY sunflowers that I have been looking forward to all summer. The neighbor's dogs are completely falling down on their job as official deer chasers (my dogs live in the lap of luxury inside). Anyway, my bright idea was to tie a couple of aluminum pie plates on the end of long stakes to scare them away.
Guess what? It worked.....for about a week. MY sunflowers still have their heads but the deer have now moved on to MY okra. Sigh!!!!

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  1. Oh yuck, don't let them get the okra! I love fried okra, its such a good summer treat!
    Did I tell u Antiques & Uniques is opening another booth? The Galleries on Williams Street , Chatt. opens the first of Sept!
    Come see me!Carol